Together We Can

Horn Lake is in a unique position. We as a city and a diverse community are in need of strong leadership. We need to ask ourselves this one question. “Do we like the direction our city is heading in? Financially? Infrastructure? Crime Rate? When I asked myself this question I answered no on all points. This reality motivated me to run for Alderman of my ward. To see if I can make a difference by bringing strong leadership to City Hall. Horn Lake as at its finger tips money that it can access if someone will take the initiative and peruse it. If you will give me your trust and vote May 2nd I will bring my gift of grant writing to Horn Lake’s City Hall. I will go after all of the grant money that is out there to improve our city, our infrastructure, and our police force. I will bring vision to my office and a voice to City Hall for everyone in our city. Together we can make Horn Lake a great place to live.

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Where Do I Vote?

As we get closer to voting on May 2nd you may be asking yourself where do I vote for James David Eubanks so he can be our next alderman. The answer to that question is simple and clear. We vote at the Horn Lake fire station #2 on Hwy 51. I have included a map […]