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As we begin the challenge of choosing who we should vote for this election season I want to remind us that politics should never come between family and friends. Instead of making our choice about the cult of personality we need to make our choice from a fully informed position. The beautiful thing about municipal elections is that you can call the candidate directly. Please call me (662)336-1817. I would love to have the chance to discuss the issues that are facing our city and why I am confident that I have the skill set and talent that would be an asset to our city. My brother’s and sisters and I all have differing political views and we can have some very spirited debates. But one thing we all agree on politics should never come between us. I want to thank you for your vote on May 2nd. Please share my page and website with you family and friends. Call me I look forward to discussing how we can make Horn Lake a great place to live.

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